Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

sometimes I forget what the day is.

not the best version of this drawing (I've done a couple more like this.. it annoys me that wrote "on tube" instead of "...on THE tube..." ) but again I like the tube, drawing while travelling thing.But travelling back and forth from work. commuting.. not exciting holiday travelling!

some new film coming out with these two. most people know about me secret admiration for hugh grant by now...
Yesterday I was watching the film Deep Blue Sea (a sort of jaws remake, not very good) but was stunned at how anna could predict who was going to die and when. Ok, these films are predictable but at one point there was the hunky guy, the sexy female doc, and the some other guy preacher (we started watching it helfway through) . The sexy doc had been responsable for turning the sharks into geneticall modified underwater assasins, but I never predidicted that she woudl be eaten by the shark! Anna insisted " well.. she just couldn't survive.. she'd been responsible for it all ". I agreed, but I was shocked that my radar was so far out. How was it that it was so obvious to her and so shocking for me?? And I kind of feel like (rhetorically) asking what she is understanding about contemporary morality that I am missing?! (is that a fair question?)
here is the link if you want to see her get chomped

A drawing made on the tube, and inspired by this on The Bomb Party (Monster Bobby's blog)

Twice now I've got on the bus and guys have been sitting taking up a seat and a half, like they have ball the saize of balloons which prevent them from closing their legs.. I hate these idiots

Notes to self

These are some drawings I made on the tube.. I like doing that typeface , and I have realized that I must really like making pages with drawings on the left and text on the right , because I've done lots of drawings like this in the past. The faces aren't exactly meant to be self portraits.. I make them while quickly looking at people on the tube and then give them my hair and beard. Talking to my friend lydia we also noticed that lots of the drawings i do (or have done in the past rather) are quite nicely connected by the fact that they are about or involving transport (even if that just means that they are made whilst travelling) . I don't really know what the bits of text are about... They seem a bit dramatic looking back on them... when I created a folder to save them in I was going to call it "self portraits", but they are not really that, so i was going to call it "notebook", but I had a folder under that name already, so I amalgamated them to make "notes to self", which I though was quite fitting. The idea is that Ill continue to make these, but in actual fact its unlikely that I will.. would be nice though..

Special Sounds .. Part 5!

Very fun night at special sounds.. very possibly the best to date lots and los of very special sounds!
taken me a long time to post but here , finally, are my pics from the evening!